(Extraordinary gestures of affection in everyday lovelives)

Some years ago, flipping through the pages of Smash Hits, I bumped into the review of a single launched by a new Dutch pop group, ("Doof doot" from the one-hit wonder group Freur) and one phrase caught my attention: "this song sounds like a warm embrace of two people in love, at the bus stop of a windy October evening".

This precise picture is stuck in my mind since then and helped me when I started taking pics of couples, in catching the loving, passionate side of a relationship between two men, which doesn't matter wether it's a stable love story, a one-night stand or a friends-with-benefits kind of story.

It is the acts, those special gazes, the warmth of the embraces, the touching hands,all those little details that make relationships special in their own terms and keep me fascinated, as much as discovering those rules and roles in a relationship are nothing but their own, and which no one can criticize or comment.

I thank for life all the guys who kindly posed for me, giving me the chance to fix on pics their feelings.

And, while I feel so happy to know that some of the couples are still together after all these years, my heart fills with concern knowing some others are breaking up.

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