GianOrso is an Italian photographer, living in Rome, passionately obsessed with Classical Art, which has inspired and influenced his vision, his personal approach in portraiting the human body, in all the shapes, and in the search of his ideal beauty in an open range of possibilities and shades.

Some of his photos have been featured in several international male photography magazines: Desert Heat Magazine USA), Mascular (UK), Men Addicted (France), Beef (USA), Pride (Italy), Euro Bear (Germany), Kerle (Germany), AUT (Italy), Torazine (Italy); and have been exposed in collective and personal exhibitions (Rome - “Visioni senza filtro”, “Hairy”, “Cibo x Orsi-Food 4 Bears”,  Milan – “Portraits ofmodern Gentlemen”, Bologna – “American Beauty”, Bruxelles – “the BEARable lightness of being”, Palermo - “Works”).

GianOrso è un fotografo Italiano, residente a Roma,  appassionato e ossessionato dall'Arte Classica, che ha ispirato e influenzato la sua visione, il suo approccio nel ritrarre il corpo umano, in tutte le sue forme, e nella ricerca del suo ideale di bellezza in una gamma variegata di possibilità e sfumature .

Alcune delle sue foto sono state pubblicate in varie riviste riviste estere, specializzate in ritrattistica maschile: Desert Heat Magazine (USA), Mascular (UK), Men Addicted (France), Beef (USA), Pride (Italy), Euro Bear (Germany), Kerle (Germany), AUT (Italy), Torazine (Italy); Sono state anche esposte a Roma - (Visioni senza filtro, Hairy, Cibo x Orsi-Food 4 Bears),  Milano - (Portraits of modern Gentlemen), Bologna - (American Beauty), Bruxelles -  (the BEARable lightness of being), Palermo - (Works).


  • "Curated" by Social Networks - An exhibition in protest of censorship of Human Body in Social Networks (collective) - summer 2020 - Beamcollective.net
  • "A portrait in isolation" (collective on line) - spring 2020 - Mascularstudio.com
  • "Falloween /show us your dick" - photos by GianOrso & Pan Eros - november 2016 - Company Club (Rome)
  • “Visioni senza filtro (free mind in free body)” (collective) - april 2016 - Quirinetta (Rome).
  • "Falloween / show me your dick" - photos by GianOrso & Pan Eros - november 2015 - Company Club (Rome).
  • "Hairy Uncensored" (collective) - june2015 - Company Club (Rome).
  • "Hairy" (collective) - June 2015 - CaffèOppio (Rome).
  • “American Beauty” - November 2009 – Cassero“Heavy Fat Party” (Bologna) during the “Gender Bender”festival.
  • “Portraits of Modern Gentlemen” - June 2009 –Loft 21 (Milan).
  • “The BEARable lightness of being” - May 2006 –Cinema Nova (Bruxelles) during the “Pink Screen #5 AlternativeGender Film Festival.
  • ”“Cibo X Orsi – Food 4 Bears” - September 2002– Bookshop Babele (Rome).
  • “Works” - February/March 2002 – Bookshop AltroQuando (Palermo).


Some photos have been featured on the book

"FUR the Love of Hair" by Ron J. Suresha & Scott McGillivray



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